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About 2021 initiatives

In 2021 Community Lab aims to empower local actors of change in four coal based regions of Poland, Czechia and Romania.

In order to explore how futures literacy capacity can help them to imagine a wider range of futures for the CEE region so that they are able to identify innovative pathways forward to ensure sustainability.

This primary aim will be achieved through five work packages (WPs) with four EIT Climate-KIC partners and will culminate in the award of 3 national (or multinational) CEE grants.


The activities envisaged within the five WPs are:

Visioning and integrating financial sustainability into Community Lab in 2021

Capacity building training  in Futures Literacy in coal-based regions on multinational CEE level

Community Lab 2.0 management, learning and evaluation.

Mapping the CEE ecosystem and engaging the network of self-organising communities & citizens

Experimenting through the multinational Idea Lab event, subgranting & mentoring the winners

Geographical scope

The geographical scope of the activities of Community Lab in 2021 is the Pohornická krajina (Moravian-Silesian Region, Czech Republic), Łódź & Śląskie Voivodeships (Poland), and Valea Jiului (Romania).

However, the participation of representatives of other CEE countries & regions in the upcoming project events is highly welcome. In particular, in the capacity building training in Futures Literacy.


In 2021 C-Lab shall be built from work completed in 2019-2020 to deepen the capacities for systemic innovation and change in coal regions.

In the creation and implementation of the iterative and reflexive space for interdisciplinary, collaborative projects generation and funding, the concept of the IdeaLab will be applied, taking into account lessons learned from the 2020 pilot Community Lab implementation.

EIT Climate-KIC is co-founded by the European Union
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